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Crossing the Bridges offers Individual and Family Counseling Services in English and Spanish.  

Lois Pulvermacher is a LCSW with a Certificate in Marriage and Family Counseling and Biblical Counseling. She is an Independent Facilitator for Parenting the Love and Logic Way™

Seniasor Rodriquez-Gomez is a Bilingual Master's Counseling Intern

Crossing the Bridges is about helping people work through difficult issues or stages in life which include but are not limited to:

·         Grief and loss in death and life’s many transitions (dealing with loss or change of job situation;

          care giving for elderly parent; empty nest, to name a few).

·         Relationship struggles (marriage, couple, parent/child, siblings, extended family, friends,

          work environment).

·         Physical, sexual or emotional abuse (past or present).

·         Blended family issues.

·         Self-esteem issues.

·         Anxiety (ranging from general limitations to panic attacks).

·         Depression/Mood Disorders.

·         Parenting (in general to dealing with oppositional children, or ADHD or ODD diagnosis).


All the above interfere with one’s ability to function and to enjoy life. 


Crossing the Bridges also has 20+ years experience with the Prison/Jail system:

·         Working with offenders on the inside as small group facilitator.

·         Helping families as they experience the difficulties of a loved one becoming incarcerated; dealing

          with life while the loved one serves their time; and assisting the family and ex-offender adjust and

          re-acclimate upon release from jail/prison. 

·         Offering training for Bridges of Hope (BOH) Mentoring.

·         Co-facilitating of family support group (Come Journey).

·         Participating member of Prison Aftercare Network of Northeast WI (PAN) which is an

           “umbrella” organization connected to many resources in Northeast WI to help ex-offenders

           re-enter society.  See event page for more information.